Cabinet Fans

CSBI Series

CSBI Series are specially designed with double inlet centrifugal fan enclosed in a rigid, aesthetic double skinned fan casing for both exposed and concealed installation. With its highly efficient belt driven centrifugal blower, it can satisfy all engineers’ requirement in air volume, pressure and sound, thus it is suitable to be used in ventilation system for those areas where sound and clean air are of prime consideration.

GI steel belt-driven centrifugal blower allows wide selection to suit all ventilation requirements
- DOUBLE SKIN CASING attribute to low operating sound
- IN LINE casing construction facilitate easy ductwork connection
- Aesthetic casing for exposed installation
- Easy installation and maintenance
- Forward curve double inlet double width (DIDW) centrifugal fan
- Unique extruded aluminium alloy framework and galvanized steel channel base for cabinet 
- 1" double skin panel made of 40kg/m3 density polyurethane foam sandwiched with powder coated GI panel
- 3 phase TEAO squirrel cage induction motor 

Optional Items
- Internal insulation with variety choices: Rock-wool with perforated sheet / Rock-wool with perforated aluminum foil / Nitrile rubber foam
- Filter
- Damper

CSBI 10/10, CSBI 12/12, CSBI 15/15, CSBI 18/18