Duct Division - Pre-insulated Aluminium Panel

GTG offers both TD and TDI Pre-Insulated Aluminium Duct. The TD/TDI Duct provides an economical and technical solution for air distribution systems. It is comprised of a sandwich panels composed of a layer base from good fire retardant rigid polyisocyanurate foam covering both sides with aluminium foil.

Polyisocyanurate provides the best insulating value per inch and far superior compared to conventional cellulose and fibreglass. Consequently, it can effectively increase occupant comfort while reducing requirements for heating and cooling system capacity. The light weight property associated with TD/TDI-Duct makes installation works much easier and faster. It can be easily cut-to-shape to meet various requirements. At GTG, we have a state of the art CNC duct fabricating machine and specialised duct software. With these, we offer an option where the components can be pre-fabricated in-house, which greatly reduce the fabrication lead time and material wastage. Our pre-insulated aluminium panel has been approved by Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) in view of its superior quality compare with the conventional G.I. duct.

CNC Duct Fabricating Machine
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