GTG Industries Sdn Bhd's operations are divided into three major divisions:-

  1. Fan Division (Air moving equipment & fans)
  2. Duct Division (Pre-insulated aluminium panel)
  3. Compressor/OEM Division (Air-Conditioning compressors & parts and oil level control system)

Under the young and energetic management team, GTG Industries Sdn Bhd determined to become a responsible and respectable world premier supplier of engineering products and services in the respective industries that we are serving.

GTG Industries Sdn Bhd places great emphasis on corporate culture, personal development and upholding ethical business practices. A special daily session - “Morning Assembly” which focuses on the studying and sharing of good business practices, technical knowledge as well as personal development is being held and attended by all the staff.

Equal emphasis is being placed on the research and development in order to serve the ever-changing market environments and demands, especially towards the development of higher efficiency and more environmental friendly products – which in-line with our corporate theme of “GTG” – “Going To Green”. The collaboration with various business partners across the regions enables us to provide solution on ventilation system requirements at competitive price without compromising on the product’s quality.

We are delighted to announce that GTG Seiko Sdn Bhd - a subsidiary of GTG Industries Sdn Bhd has commenced its operation from 1 September 2016 in a move to provide a better services to our growing customer base in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Singapore.