Air-Conditioning System Parts

GTG is actively involved in the trading of air-conditioner compressors as well as refrigerator compressors. We are the authorised dealer of “Panasonic” compressors for both OEM and after markets.

Majority of the sales are from export markets, which included Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Middle East and other countries within the Asia region. The range of product include motors, fans, blowers, drain pumps, capacitor etc.

Oil Level Control System

GTG holds the agency of Traxoil. The TraxOil TR3 is a state of the art electronic oil level management system. It is a product from Australia manufactured under highly automated processes with cutting edge technology. TraxOil TR3 is applicable to various compressors. It uses a hall sensor to measure the oil level in a system. Using integrated solenoid valve, it feeds oil directly into the compressor sump when the compressor is showing low oil levels. If the correct oil level cannot be reached and the oil level reaches the red zone area, the TR3 unit will output an alarm signal. The alarm contacts can then be used to shutdown the compressor.