Centrifugal Fans

GC Series

GC Series - GTG chemical proof fan is made of corrosion resistance UV stabilized polypropylene and is specially designed for laboratory and industrial fume extraction.

- Excellent corrosion resistance to almost all chemicals and corrosive gases
- Compact in size and lighter in weight
- Motor out of airstream
- Direct drive system ensuring maintenance free operation
- Easy to install
- Performance tested to AMCA 210-85 / ISO 5801
- High performance moulded single inlet centrifugal fan (GC 15, GC 20, GC 25, GC 30 and GC 35)
- Forward curve sirocco fan made of heavy duty polypropylene.
- Electronically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 for high efficiency and low noise operation
- Casing and inlet connection flange are made of high density UV stabilized polypropylene
- Hub cap is provided for shaft protection
- Three phase squirrel cage foot mount induction motor
- Overhung arrangement facilitate bearing outside of airstream thereby prolongs life span

Optional Specification & Items
- Motor with Class H insulation
- Single phase motor
- Variable speed drive / inverter
- When couple with inverter, fan speed can be easily regulated to requirement with built-in soft starting function

GC 15, GC 20, GC 25, GC 30, GC 35

Laboratory, chemical warehouse, sewerage plants, water treatment plants, hospital, electroplating factories, fume cupboard for college and university