Axial Fans

TFA Series

TFA - fully adjustable pitch angle axial fans are available in full range of metric sizes from 315mm diameter up to 1600mm diameter and capable of delivering air volume up to 70m³/s. Fan diameter beyond 1600mm are available upon request.

The wide range of fan sizes, various hub and blade configurations, different pitch angles and motor speed allow accurate selection of the fan to match the specific duty.

Pitch angle adjustment can be readily carried out on site allowing the fan performance to be modified to the final system resistance.


- Adjustable pitch angle aerofoil impeller

- Precision die cast aluminium hub and blades

- GI casing

- Both connecting flanges are spun from casing to provide a stronger and precise casing

- IP 55 terminal box mounted on casing for easy wiring connection

- Choice of single or three-phase IP55 induction motor, Class F for normal ventilation and class H insulation for smoke spill application

Optional Specification

- Epoxy powder coated casing

- Single phase motor, pole change motor, explosion proof motor, special voltage / frequency motor or other specifications upon request

Optional Items

- Inlet and discharge guards

- Flexible connection

- Matching flanges

- Mounting feet

- Vibration isolation mountings

- Sound attenuation


All types of ventilating and smoke spill application