Propeller / Wall / Glass Mounted Fans


TFA-Q series is wall mounted adjustable pitch angle axial fan. The wide range of diameters, blades and hubs configurations, pitch angles and motor speeds, allow accurate selection of the fan model to match the specific duty point.

Models: 315mm up to 1000mm


- Aerofoil impeller featured with adjustable pitch angle 

- Precision die cast aluminium hub and blades

Hot-dipped galvanized casing in accordance to ASTM A123/ ISO 1461:2009 provides excellent durability and protection against corrosion in harsh environment

- Equipped with 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor with IP55, Class F insulation

- Terminal box in IP55 mounted externally on casing for easy wire termination

AMCA certified on Sound and Air Performance and FEG

Optional Specification

- Epoxy powder coated casing

- Single phase motor, pole change motor, explosion proof motor, special voltage / frequency motor or other specifications upon request

Optional Items

- Discharge guards

- Automatic shutter

Application : General ventilation applications in commercial and light industrial environment such as warehouses, schools, office buildings, factories, cafes, bars, workshops, and kitchen ventilation.

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