Centrifugal Fans

CVA Series

CVA Series is a Hybrid fan that provides COMBINED feature of Centrifugal fan and Axial fan. It is a Plug Fan with unique Centrifugal impeller house in round casing that provides in- line flow, thus installation is as EASY as Axial fan.


Compare to Axial fan

- It is STRONGER in pressure and QUIETER in sound

- It’s round casing and in-line air flow require lesser headroom for installation

- It comes with Direct and Belt Drive versions to suit all types of application

- All Belt Drive models isolate motor and belt assembly from air stream

- Mild steel casing and centrifugal plug fan impeller with anti corrosion paint

- 3 phase TEFC induction motor


Direct drive: CVAD 355 to 1000 (total 10 models)

Belt drive: CVA 355 to 1000 (total 10 models)