Ceiling Mounted Fans


CCF350 is an ideal solution for environments that require clean indoor air quality, it comes with “GTG-Mayairmedical grade PM2.5 antimicrobial HEPA filter which made of composite fiberglass filter media integrated with silver ionic technology that capable to disrupt the cell wall and protein synthesis of microorganism which in turn, restraining their growth and reproduction.


- Pre filter for filtration of big particles

- Activated carbon filter to absorb harmful gas

- PM2.5 anti-microbial medical grade HEPA filter with Argenzil Silver-ions sterlizing agent to remove bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.

- 99.99% removal rate of particle size above 0.3 μm

- Well accepted by US and European countries

- Wire remote controller with WiFi function for mobile phone control




Suitable for Residential, Commercial and Hospital Indoor Air Purification OR Fresh Air Intake applications