Air Curtains

GAC Series

GAC SERIES - air curtains create a powerful invisible door for heating / cooling retention purposes. It ensures a dust free, deodorizing and insect-free entrance to maintain a clean and desired indoor environment.

The latest version of GAC series is the first GAC model equipped with washable saranet filter in the inlet which make the maintenance works much easier. The filters prevent the accumulation of dust at the internal parts of the unit and prolong the useful life of the air curtain.


- High air velocity and air pressure

- Quiet operation

- Low power consumption

- Slim casing

- Elegant appearance

- Easy installation

- Powerful centrifugal forward curved sirocco fan wheel 

- High efficiency 2 speed condenser motor (Classic) and 3 speed external rotor motor (Turbo) with permanently lubricated ball bearing

- GI steel casing with powder coating for Turbo type


Classic Type: GAC 310, GAC 312, GAC 410, GAC 412

Turbo Type: GAC 320, GAC 420


Classic Type: For residential & commercial application such as bungalow, apartment, retail outlet, shopping mall, hotel, cafeteria, restaurant, mini market etc.

Turbo Type: For commercial & industrial such as shopping mall with high ceiling, factory, warehouse, cold room etc.